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This dramatic short documentary was created for the 100 Words Film Festival. Written and directed by the film festival’s creator Scott Galloway, the short tells the story of the depressive post industrial age along the Ohio River.

Along this riverbank are memories of my father…our times together watching barges. He understood them. They did one thing. They worked incredibly hard. He’d say, ‘Look, it’s sittin’ low, full of cargo… That little boat’s pushin’ all that… Isn’t that something?’

The barges don’t sit low anymore… Tucked along this forgotten waterway, giant factories tower over small towns they once employed… Abandoned… An eternal reminder of lost dreams and depleted resources…

Behind tired aluminum siding and rusted steel…an aging and dwindling populace resigns itself to a happier yesterday… Collectively mourning the last and most precious to leave… hope.