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This commercial for the Charlotte Area Transit System involved heavy compositing to show the planned future growth and progress of the train and bus system.

Director Joanne Hocke and her crew from GreyHawk Films shot for two days using the RED Epic and Cooke Prime lenses.

The next morning, after production wrap, Joanne Hocke and client agency Luguire George Andrews sat down with editor Greg Grezsack for the edit session in the A Grade Finishing Suite.

As soon as LGA approved and the edit was locked, Post Production Supervisor / Colorist Jeremy Ball pregraded the footage to be used for VFX and exported as 5K 16-bit tif sequences.

VFX Supervisor Bryan Scibelli and his team of artists used Nuke to composite and 3D create matte paintings that illustrate the development growth of Charlotte as seen out the window of the bus and train. Several 400 Mega Pixel Panoramas were taken of areas around Charlotte for use as backgrounds during compositing.

The final color correction session with LGA took place at the GreyHawk Films offices in Downtown Charlotte, NC. Jeremy Ball brought his mobile Davinci color grading suite to the GreyHawk offices for convince. In the grading session, Ball tweaked the VFX shots and used detailed masks to balance and match the composited CG window shots with the original footage. “Because we had footage from several different cameras we started with matching the sky in all shots”, Ball said. “After we balanced all the shots then we tweak skin tones and start to add depth to the shot using secondaries. We add rough masks to lighten areas to draw the viewers eye to the subject or darken areas to hide distracting elements in the frame. Essentially we are relighting the scene adding to the directors original vision.”