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Every project needs that finishing touch. After the edit there are technical and creative tasks that need to be done to enhance the project and bring out its full potential. Whether working on long-form broadcast series where you want color correction and seamless media management or working on commercials, promos and title sequences with sophisticated VFX, A Grade has it.

Our online department has Avid DS, Autodesk Smoke and Avid Symphony suites with many plug-in options and as much storage as your project needs.

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  • Motion Graphics
  • 2D/3D Compositing
  • Enhancing creative looks beyond the color grade
  • Screen & Sky Replacements


[zilla_tab title="Technical"]

  • Tracking
  • Motion Stabalization
  • Keying
  • Reframing
  • Pan & Scan
  • De-Noise
  • Dirt & Dust Removal
  • Wire & Rig Removal
  • Film Restoration & Re-Mastering
  • High Quality Re-timing effects
  • Transcoding
  • Standards & Frame Rate Conversion
  • Legalization
  • Color Space Convertions
  • De-interlacing & De-Flicker


[zilla_tab title="Software/Hardware"]

  • Avid DS
  • Autodesk Smoke
  • Avid Symphony
  • Mac Pro 8 Core
  • HP z800
  • 24 TB RAID storage
  • RED Rocket Card (for realtime playback of RED footage)
  • AJA Kona 3 capture card
  • Flanders Scientific 2461W color grading monitor
  • Avid Color grading panel

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We evaluate your project for specific needs. Then we work on the final touches, enhancing and re-conforming to your original edit.

We support projects from Avid, Final Cut Pro, or Adobe Premiere.